At Applied Management Strategies (AMS), we coach, guide, strategize, open doors and provide key marketing support from a unique perspective of being long-time participants in this exciting yet challenging $100-billion marketplace.

For the past thirty years and still counting, we enable established companies as well as assist fledging newcomers and entrepreneurs of one product or service to:
• Enter the casino and related hospitality market or expand into new regions or sectors
• Review strategy, tactics, finances and partnerships – or establish new ones
• Make key introductions and link up with the right associations
• Heighten visibility and prove value to become major competitors

Overall, our proven gaming expertise helps business-to-business companies to:
• Introduce new products, technologies and services more effectively and efficiently
• Identify and reach gaming operators and customers to increase relationships and further sales
• Profit on a company-wide scale from new understandings and access to gaming markets, both in the US and worldwide

AMS assists whether you are an established organization or a start-up by providing unique insights and guidance developed from working directly in the gaming marketplace. Through our long-time network of contacts and associations, we provide access to the right resources. We work hands-on to provide key marketing support and help implement plans.

We are:
• The gaming industry’s seasoned experts with proven records of success
• Well-grounded in strategies that work – and those that don’t (Check out our basic “Yellow Brick Road” to succeed in the gaming marketplace).
• Your connection to growth opportunities and enhanced ROI

For those of you having a product, technology or service with a use by casinos and resorts, we are your first step — or next step. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Roy Student at 702.523.0444 or via email at rs@amsgamingstrategies.com.