• Tracking the Non-Gaming of Gaming

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    In the mid-1990s, a seismic shift felt around the gaming world
occurred in the largest of casino markets.
Casino games and all the various forms of betting were no longer the
only or even the main moneymakers for Las Vegas. Non-gaming revenues
had grown to account for an even bigger portion of the business. Although
the current economic downturn makes revenue comparisons difficult, the
split of gaming versus non-gaming continues to be in the 50/50 range,
and this ratio is repeated in gaming locales far beyond the famous Strip.
While the revenue split may be more critical in Las Vegas and other
major destination casinos, rooms, dining and entertainment, which started as
loss leaders, are now key pockets of profit apart from the casino floor.
Exploiting this non-gaming side of the business may provide the latest path to
more business, new customers and increased success for casinos even as
economic factors continue to affect the gaming industry.

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