What We Do

Here is what AMS has achieved for gaming companies.

For a large international company, AMS increased market share by re-packaging key elements of their technology to differentiate them from the competition and earn its spot on the short list of decision makers.

For a company longing for the US market, AMS mined long-held relationships and provided market entry strategies to move them successfully into the Native American segment.

For a start-up, AMS doggedly linked the company to the much larger picture of building a future vision and technology for the industry to create the next “big thing” and an industry “rock star.”

Overall, AMS works to unearth sizeable opportunities for companies to start new businesses in the gaming industry, reach deeper into markets, realize added revenue or achieve what may have seemed inaccessible.

AMS has a track record of being able “to connect the dots” for more than a few companies and to uncover previously unrecognized potential, be it in people, products or markets.

For companies wanting to succeed in the gaming industry, AMS offers:

  • Keen insights, perspectives and understanding of gaming markets based on a wealth of gaming and business experience, contacts and worldwide relationships,
  • Road-tested expertise in strategies and positioning,
  • Immediate availability of resources and talent to specially focus on tactics with access to pool of other expertise as needed,
  • Speed to market with lower risk and low exposure of capital expenditures based on in-depth understanding of barriers to entry as well as paths of least resistance,
  • An exceptional network based on long-held relationships throughout the worldwide gaming industry and open door access to top level decision-makers and industry leaders.