Yellow Brick Road

Proven Game Plan For The North American Gaming Market

Applied Management Strategies (AMS) and its founder, Roy Student, has been the driving force behind the successful US market entry for gaming companies coming from Asia, Europe and South America.

Based on this expertise, AMS has developed a basic plan or what we call our “Yellow Brick Road” to support a company’s entry or expansion into the North American gaming market.

Grounded in the AMS “been there, done that” school of hard knocks, these steps steer not only a path of least restraint but onto an efficient highway leading to key milestones and results.

Under this plan, AMS serves to supply, oversee, coordinate and fully assist in its ten steps to success in the gaming marketplace. Of course, modifications and other changes will need to be made to meet individual company needs and product or service requirements.

  1. Review product or service by qualified AMS North American gaming expert to identify key company and product capabilities as well as to recommend any product adjustments basic to prosper within the US market and its various sub-markets: commercial, Native American, regional, large or small resorts.
  2. Match company and product capabilities to market needs and propose the appropriate sub-markets or regions to initially pursue and to expand into or leverage in a proper sequence using AMS in-depth knowledge and expertise within marketplace.
  3. Advise and coordinate throughout the industry unique and complex process of legal, licensing and regulatory requirements in the general US gaming market and within the various sub-markets or regions. Recommend and retain as needed appropriate attorneys and experts for compliance and regulatory support.
  4. Based on company need and AMS experience, set up or organize a network of various support personnel or outside organizations to handle key distribution, sales and service. Establish temporary office, if called for.
  5. Develop an overall marketing statement of the company encompassing clear positioning, branding and message points that will drive interest and engagement specific to the gaming marketplace.
  6. Propose a specific marketing support plan for the company and its key products for the B2B gaming market. Pinpoint activities and materials needed from speaking opportunities to industry PR. Implement as needed.
  7. Identify key potential prospects and facilitate individual introductions using the AMS list of extensive contacts within the gaming world.
  8. Seek out interested trial and reference sites. Coordinate pre and post sales and installations.
  9. Propose alliances that may be appropriate or of interest utilizing the AMS extensive network of relationships and contacts. As needed, assist in securing slot, game or other intellectual property/IP for company use or assist in financing or funding.
  10. Review market acceptance, product performance and marketing support for continual results and improvements.

An estimated time line would range from a minimum of 6 to 12 months, subject to the readiness of the product as well as any regulatory issues including approvals and licensing.

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