• Yin and Yang of Keno

    Posted on June 19, 2012 by in Uncategorized

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    It’s been staple for as long as there has been gaming, and one of the most recognizable
    sights in a casino.

    Ping pong-like balls each numbered from one to 80 whirl around in a glass
    bubble or mesh cage. Then, every few minutes or so, 20 of the balls are randomly
    chosen as that game’s winning selections. For players, it’s as easy as picking
    the right numbers.

    Yet ask casino executives about keno today and the answers are anything but
    simple. For those on the operations side, keno has been good and bad. It’s a game
    that’s been up and down.

    Perhaps the most suitable analogy for those involved with running keno is the
    ancient Chinese “yin-yang” cycle of how things work. After all, keno is a game that
    can trace its true roots back to the dynasty eras of China. To make it even more
    apt, take a close look at an actual keno ticket or display board. There are two
    divided sections, and whether…


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